Game: Super Mario 64
Region: NTSC-U/USA

Super Mario 64 is one of the most popular N64 games in the Game Hacking scene. Since there already exist so many hacks for this game it became a bit hard to find any new ones. But as you can see here, it's not impossible 😹


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Miscellaneous codes (2 Codes)

Code Name/Title Gameshark/Action Replay Note Demo
Ultra near camera 81339802 FFFF
Lakitu icon changes to a cross and back to lakitu alternating by itself 8133C53E 0005

Corruptions (17 Codes)

Code Name/Title Gameshark/Action Replay Note Demo
Bob-Omb Battlefield's Painting freaks out 8111FD6C 4500 if the painting does not freak out, touch the wall where it's located
Cool, Cool, Mountain's Painting freaks out 8111FDE4 4500
Dire Dire Docks's Painting/water wall freaks out 811200B4 4500
Hazy Maze Cave's swamp freaks out 8112003C 4500
Jolly Roger Bay's Painting freaks out 8111FED4 4500
Lethal Lava Land's Painting freaks out 8111FF4C 4500
Shifty Sand Land's Wall freaks out 8111FFC4 4500
Snowman's Land's Wall freaks out 8112030C 4500
Tall Tall Mountain's Painting freaks out 8112021C 4500
Tick Tock Clock's Painting/dial freaks out 81120294 4500
Tiny Huge Island's big Painting freaks out 81120384 4500
Tiny Huge Island's small Painting freaks out 811201A4 4500
Wet Dry World's Painting freaks out 8112012C 4500
Whomps Fortress' Painting freaks out 8111FE5C 4500
Deadly and Painful 8133B1C8 4980 run on steep/sharp hills/walls until you will get stuck. Try to move or jump until you fly away. the Camera will desync for short time and all textures will disappear. You will prabably die or be stuck forever press Z while running to knock your head on an invisible wall jump and press B to stop immediately without sliding
Stand still and jump to fly off the stage 8133B1C0 4900
Vision Modifier 81339808 XXXX 4010 = Super Tunnel vision + upside down 400F = Super Tunnel vision 400E = Tunnel vision Mario's head at the start up menu will be corrupted

Mario Corruptions (15 Codes)

Code Name/Title Gameshark/Action Replay Note Demo
Hardcore Seizure + mario runs with his head in the ground 8106007E 7000
Mario corrupts when moving 8106008A 7400 when swimming, look at his left arm
Mario dies and looses his cap when opening doors, drifts around the landscape and jitters sometimes 81060052 7000 use 5000 to desync the camera when opening doors
Mario has a dislocated arm and runs like a batty 8106008C 0000
Mario has no spinal column 8106089C XXXX For XXXX: 8000 = Mario's head stucks between his legs b000 = Mario's head stucks on his back 7000 = Mario bows
Mario jerks off quickly permanent and suffers a seizure while running 8106008E 6800 8106008C 6400 81060086 7000
Mario jerks off quickly when sleeping and headbangs while running 8106008E 6800 8106008C 6400 81060088 2000
Mario jerks off slowly and has a seizure when running 81060086 7000
Mario runs like a moron (head shakes slightly) and has a broken arm 81060084 000C
Mario Scratches his back 81060088 F000
Mario sometimes lays in the air 810608BA F425
Mario suffers seizures 8106007A XXXX for XXXX: 7000 = permanent head shaking seizure when stending still 0000 = massive headshaking seizure when sleeping Mario might run sideways as well
Mario's Arms Seizure 81060084 7000
Mario's head corruption (in game only) 8108F202 0200 8108F200 0200 8108F204 0200 8108F230 8D00 8108F232 8D00 8108F22E 8D00 8108F272 D064 8108F2A4 BF34 8108F2D2 D064 8108F2F0 089A 8108F414 0510 8108F3E2 0199 8108F3E0 7000 8108F472 04E1 8108F470 04E1 8108F45E 08F5 8108F460 08F5 8108F462 08F5 8108F472 4000 8108F474 04E8 8108F034 5A20 8108F0F4 BFBE 8108F200 405F
Mario's head points to the right when standing still 81060078 0000

Cool, Cool Mountain Codes (3 Codes)

Code Name/Title Gameshark/Action Replay Note Demo
Baby penguin never cries 81346DAE 0003
Mario has no feet, some objects are invisible, messed up alpha areas of some textures 811ADFC2 E0CC when swimming, look at his left arm
Permanent crying baby penguin sound in Cool, Cool Mountain 81346DAE 0001

Audio Modifiers (2 Codes)

Code Name/Title Gameshark/Action Replay Note Demo
Doors make no sound 81362D0E FFFF
Mario's SFX stumbles hilariously and never ends 81361FAA FF01 if Mario's SFX disappears, disable and reenable the code