Game: Mario Kart Wii
Region: PAL/EUR
Game ID: RMCP01


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Miscellaneous codes (4 Codes)

Code Name/Title Gecko / WiiRd / Ocarina Note Demo
Insane exhaust gases 0489D6A4 41100000
21:9 Aspect Ratio 048B4BEC 3FF30000
Music Speed Modifier 048A10D8 XXXXXXXX 00000000 = NO Music
3E800000 = x0.25 speed
3F000000 = x0.5 speed
40000000 = x2 speed
40400000 = x3 speed
40800000 = x4 speed
no music 057FF4D8 6C6F6C00 Not sure if this code works with scrubbed, compressed and patched disk images. To be sure use the music speed modifier with a value of 00000000 to succeed the same effect