Game: Sonic Unleashed
Region: PAL/EUR


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Miscellaneous codes (5 Codes)

Code Name/Title Gecko / WiiRd / Ocarina Note Demo
Massive Sonic and enemies 046DE030 40B00000 046DE044 40B00000 046DE058 40B00000
No Music 047E0F40 5F5F5F00
Small Sonic and enemies 046DE030 3E900000 046DE044 3E900000 046DE058 3E900000 Move Control Stick to enable
Sonic, many objects & enemies without shadings 0474EB14 42000000 Move Control Stick to enable
Sonic, many objects & enemies with cool glitter effect 0474EB14 39000000

Music Swaps (7 Codes)

Code Name/Title Gecko / WiiRd / Ocarina Note Demo
Play Adabat music in XXYYZZ 057E1410 XXYYZZ5F 057E13FC XXYYZZ5F 057E1228 74675FXX 057E122C YYZZ2E61 057E11C8 5FXXYYZZ 057E11B4 5F655FXX 057E11B8 YYZZ2E61 Replace XXYYZZ with the Stages' Value Holoska = 736E77 Adabat = 736561 Shamar = 707472 Apotos = 6D796B Chun nan = 63686E Spagonia = 657563 Eggmanland = 656762 -_-_-_ Always use 2 of these codes at once. If you only use one of them, it could happen the game plays the original sound files and no music in the other stage. follow the link to see an example
Play Apotos music in XXYYZZ 057E13BC XXYYZZ5F 057E13A8 XXYYZZ5F 057E1208 74675FXX 057E120C YYZZ2E61 057E1170 5F655FXX 057E1174 YYZZ5F6A 057E1160 5FXXYYZZ
Play Chun Nan music in XXYYZZ 057E1334 776E5FXX 057E1338 YYZZ5F6E 057E1320 776E5FXX 057E1324 YYZZ5F64 057E1108 5F655FXX 057E110C YYZZ5F6A 057E10F8 5FXXYYZZ 057E1060 XXYYZZ2E
Play Eggmanland music in XXYYZZ 057E134C 5FXXYYZZ 057E1124 XXYYZZ2E 057E1070 XXYYZZ2E
Play Holoska music in XXYYZZ 057E1438 6E5FXXYY 057E143C ZZ5F6E69 057E1424 6E5FXXYY 057E1428 ZZ5F6461 057E1238 74675FXX 057E123C YYZZ2E61 057E11F4 XXYYZZ5F 057E11E0 655FXXYY 057E11E4 ZZ2E6164
Play Shamar music in XXYYZZ 057E13E4 6E5FXXYY 057E13E8 ZZ5F6E69 057E13D0 6E5FXXYY 057E13D4 ZZ5F6461 057E1218 74675FXX 057E121C YYZZ2E61 057E119C 655FXXYY 057E11A0 ZZ5F6A69 057E118C 2323232E
Play Spagonia music in XXYYZZ 057E1380 5FXXYYZZ 057E136C 5FXXYYZZ 057E1148 XXYYZZ5F 057E1134 655FXXYY 057E1138 ZZ2E6164 057E1080 XXYYZZ2E