This is a little documentation about generic GameCube hacking. Everything mentionable about Action Replay, SD Media Launcher and other GCN related tools will be explained here.


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Using GCNcrypt

GCNcrypt is used to convert Action Replay cheat codes into its decrypted format (from XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX to XXXX-XXXX-XXXXX) and vice versa. You might have seen many unencrypted Action Replay codes that contain variables like "XXXX" or "????". To be able to add these cheats to your Action Replay Memory Card you need to replace the variables with your custom values and encrypt the codes with GCNcrypt. Parasyte has made a tool that can do this job for you! Get GCNcrypt here *click me*

Here's an example:
First of all open GCNcrypt and paste the code you want to use into the left textBox.

F-Zero GX [PAL]- Max Speed Modifier
400030c8 02318860
400030c8 02318900
400030c8 02318A00
400030c8 02318B00
421B96EC 00F8XXXX

Now you have to type in a recommended value for XXXX:

400030c8 02318860
400030c8 02318900
400030c8 02318A00
400030c8 02318B00
421B96EC 00F84450

In the following you need to type in the Game/Action Replay ID. You can find lists by Hells' Guardian @ with the required IDs here:
PAL/EUR game *click me*
NTSC-U/USA game *click me*
NTSC-J/Japan game *click me*

Our code example is about an F-Zero GX code of the PAL/EUR region. By checking out the PAL list the following ID can be found: 21A.
Type in this ID into the textBox right next to the text that says "Game ID:". Also mind to select the right game region:

By clicking the Encrypt-button you should get your encrypted code that is ready to be added to your Action Replay!

You can also encrypt more codes at once as long as they are for the same game.
BUT if the code's first line already contains a line that looks like this: 04348E2C 18000000 you don't need to type in the Game ID either selecting the region because this line already contains this information.
Just have a look if the second part of the first line contains 08000000, 18000000 or 28000000 to know whether you have to type in the ID or not.

This code for instance would not need any other steps beside overwriting the variables to be properly converted:
03562E0D 08000000
024BFE06 0000XXXX

You just need to untick the Auto Identifier.

Decrypting codes

Maybe you'd like to have a look what an encypted code looks like or you need to get the button activator/joker address out off an existing code.
This can be done by a simple decryption GCNcrypt offers.
Simply copy and paste the encrypted code into the left textBox and click the Decrypt-button!